Sunday, 22 March 2015

Getting Busy

Things are getting busy again, here in The Biggest Room. (I've been away a while, working on other things - all now done and dusted.)

From April onwards (just after Easter), there will be a new weekly series of posts, all building up into...

Your own valuable A-Z of the
Skills Of Success

Your success!

Forget those programs all over the internet that promise all you need do (after handing over your money for the program) is lie in your hammock... and a red Ferrari will drop out of the sky for you. (It won't. And who really wants a red Ferrari, anyway?)

It's a fact. Those programs (even the better ones) do very little for close to 99% of the people who buy them. The people who do succeed are the ones who would have done so anyway. And the reason they succeed...?


  • The right mindset.
  • Proven strategies.
  • The right tools. 
  • The know-how to use them effectively... 
That's what the most successful people have and do that's different.

And week-by-week, I'l be giving you - for free - the keys to how you can develop and use those skills for yourself. For your own success, whatever that may mean for you.

My new e-mail list

My e-mail list is open again, With my subscribers, I share deeper insights and keep you updated on each new skill-building topic.

To subscribe, click on the "A Gift For You" tab at the top of this page, and enter your name and e-mail there.

Coming up first...

We will be taking a look at AFFIRMATIONS. Why is it that they don't really work most of the time (at least not for long)? And I'll be sharing how you can make them work properly for yourself - every time.

Roll on, April...!

Huh? Where's my Ferrari?

I guess this means the end of long, lazy days in my hammock...

... but it also means that my friend Mail Chimp is back to manage the e-mail list!

Yee hah! I so love sharing my bananas 
with others who truly appreciate them.

Sunday, 15 March 2015

Mothers Day - a celebration for everyone

On this Mothers Day, I find my rich memory banks paying interest to a character I once knew in the wilder days of my youth.

Meet Snowy...

This picture is not him, but it gives a pretty close impression of what he was like: a formidable hulk of a man (with an equally huge sense of humour that would have been tickled by this comparison).

I never knew his real name. I don't think anyone did. But there was no doubt that Snowy had fought hard to survive a tough life - and woe betide anyone who disturbed his peace.

He was the kind of guy you would put your bets on in a fight against the likes of the legendary Chuck Norris. Except...

Snowy was no fighter

Not any more. Not without an extremely good reason. Snowy had matured into a soulful gentle giant.

If you were feeling "down", he had a way of grunting that confirmed he was there with you, sharing your pain. And if you dared look straight into his craggy eyes, you'd catch a sparkle of blue that could only be shining from a heart deeply in touch with humanity. But...

One thing was guaranteed
to blow Snowy's fuse

If any man insulted a woman - any woman, in any way - Snowy would have him instantly pinned to the wall, a hand around his throat, squeezing an apology out of him.

His one reason: "That woman could be someone's mother. You wouldn't say that about your own mother. And I wouldn't let anyone say it about mine!"

Perfect logic.

And total truth.

It is said that nothing on the planet is as fierce as a mother protecting her brood. Well, maybe Snowy shows us that broods can be equally fierce in protecting their mothers?

And we are all one or the other, if not both. So Mothers Day is truly a celebration for everyone.

Here's to ALL mothers!


And special thanks to Snowy's mother
for inspiring him with proper values.

Sunday, 25 January 2015

The Business Of Living

You probably began this year with a resolution.

To have, to do or to be something better during the year ahead.

Chances are, your well intended resolve is flagging if not already abandoned. I'll hold my hand up. I'm just as guilty of this as anyone.

A major reason why most New Year Resolutions don't stand a chance is because we make them only once, at the start of each year.

But it's never too late to revive a seemingly lost cause, and follow it through to success.

The problem
 ... and its solution

In the world of business, taking the following advice on board often transforms a floundering enterprise into a soaring success.

You can do the same in your day to day life.

Here's how.

A major key to success in business
 is to make regular time
to stop working IN the business
and do some work ON it.

Are you just a hamster?

Those who only work IN their business (or their life) can soon end up like a hamster in a wheel, running full pelt but getting nowhere fast.

"This needs doing...
That needs doing...
...and it's me that has to do it all!"

Sound familiar?

... Or are you truly in control?

The successful business person, on the other hand, will make regular time to stop and look at the bigger picture.
  • What do I really want? 
  • How am I doing? 
  • Can I cut this out, it doesn't really serve me? 
  • How can I do more of that, it seems to be working? 
  • What could I delegate, and who would be best at it? 
These guys soon find their business is going places instead of just spinning its wheels.

And they are the ones who have more free time to spend on the golf course.

Strike a deal
with yourself

Spend some regular time working ON your life. It need only be half an hour or so. Once a week is good. Daily is best.

Switch off everything else and you indulge yourself during this special time.

Take stock of your bigger picture. Remind yourself of your resolutions. And ask yourself:
  • How am I doing?
  • What step, however small, can I take right now to move me forwards?
  • What's holding me back, and how can I let go of that?
  • Who can help me with this? If you look around, you'll nearly always find a book by or about someone who has already achieved what you want to achieve. Following role models can be a very powerful way forwards.
The key is to just take time to ask those questions.

Then listen.

Your brain is wired to find answers to questions.

You'll be surprised.

Remember also to celebrate the steps you have already taken. And forgive yourself for any slip-ups.

You will soon start to see your life becoming richer ... if you work ON it as well as IN it. 

Go for it!