Friday, 1 May 2015

Turbo-Charge Your Affirmations...... Go Wordless

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In the previous post, we exposed the big snag that scuppers our affirmations: credibility.

No matter how strongly we think we believe what we say, it's as if we have conflicting, much stronger beliefs, buried deep in our minds. So deep, we can't even see what they are. Yet, those beliefs rule the roost.

In the next post, I'll show you a different way to understand those "hidden beliefs", which opens up a simple way to free yourself from them. But before we leave the topic, here's how you can turbo-charge your affirmations, so that not even "hidden beliefs" can hold you back.

The problem is words

Whole books have been written about how to phrase affirmations. Yet, even when we are sure we have crafted words that are watertight, that negative voice in our heads finds a credibility leak. 

Worse still, even with totally believable words, we might still be sending the opposite message to the one we intend. At the end of the day, asking for more of something is a statement that we lack that thing, and we are in a place of wanting it.

So what gets amplified by that statement?

"Lack" and "wanting" of the thing.

Far from attracting what we want, we end up pushing it away.

Words create big problems with affirmations. Dropping the words can solve all those problems.

How to go wordless

By all means use words to figure out the details and get clear about what it is you want. That's the logical, reasoning stage. You need words for that.

But affirmations reach beyond logic and reason. That's the time to drop your words.

To begin, put your affirmation aside for a while, and simply recall a thing or an event that makes you feel fantastic when you think about it.

Lets say, for example, that it's the best chocolate you have ever had in your life. ("Chocolate" comes in many forms - choose whatever you like.)

Now, recall your "chocolate" as vividly as you can, and stoke up the feeling that it gives you. When that feeling is overflowing, then bring in the thing you want to affirm. No words are needed, simply imagine having that thing, right in that moment.

See what's happening?

You are associating having the thing you want with a wonderful feeling. The more you do that, the less likely you will shrink back from opportunities to step into being, having or doing the thing you want.

Now, your affirmation is doing a touch more than just helping you feel good in the moment.

As long as you do not use words, that negative voice in your head cannot start an argument with you to undermine you. If it tries, pause your affirmation and go back to thinking just about your "chocolate"... and then bring the thing you want to affirm back into your picture.


Even turbo-charged engines can go out of tune and need an oil change to refresh them every now and then. This way of doing affirmations is no exception. It can go stale after a while.

I suggest you set yourself up with a whole box full of "chocolates" - experiences that help you feel fantastic when you remember them: encounters with special people, moments of success, beautiful scenery, holidays, receiving gifts, memorable meals... It can be anything (even actual chocolate).

Then you can use a different "chocolate" from time to time, to keep your wordless affirmations fresh and alive.


And let me know how you get on, or if you have any questions. Either in the comments below, or email me using the contact box over on the right.


I'm saying nothing!

I'm just thinking of chocolate-dipped bananas...

Saturday, 18 April 2015

Why Affirmations Don't Work

Picture credit: WikiMedia Commons
Imagine yourself bouncing on a trampoline.

Imagine feeling your body soaring up into the air.

Hear the rush of air around you as you jump higher and higher.

Taste the exhilaration as you look down on the world around you from a new perspective......

Feels good, doesn't it?

But something keeps pulling you back down, no matter how hard you push upwards. Sooner or later, you have to give in, exhausted. And you find yourself back at the same place you started from.

All that exertion hasn't taken you anywhere.

That's what affirmations do

They get you "high". But they don't take you anywhere. Not on their own.

Now, that's not a bad thing. It's good to feel good. As long as we understand that's as far as affirmations take us, and let go of the widely preached notion that this is all we need to do and whatever we want will be magically "attracted" to us.

That idea sounds logical. We are told that constantly repeating positive phrases will re-program our thinking. But logic and thinking take place only on the surface, in our conscious minds. That's why the feel-good effect of affirmations is limited to the moment: it only takes place in our conscious minds.

What affirmations don't do

Affirmations don't really influence much our deeper, inner mind. That's what keeps bringing us back down. Like the force of gravity that pulls us back down on our trampoline, our inner mind harbours powerful forces against which our conscious mind is a poor match. 

That's why most of us, most of the time, end up back where we started after enjoying the initial feel-good effect of affirmations.

How to make affirmations work better

I'm not suggesting that you abandon using affirmations, especially if you enjoy them. Just to be aware that affirmations are simply a tool to feel-good in the moment - which is a good thing.

In the coming posts of this series, I will introduce a new concept that will super-charge your affirmations, plus something that is far more powerful still. But let's first take a quick look at current best practice with affirmations.

Briefly, the main elements of a good affirmation include:
  • Positive. Obviously, but it's surprising how habitual negative phrases can so easily creep in.
  • Present tense. Otherwise, the thing you want is held constantly out of reach in the future.
  • Involve all your senses. The more vivid the better.
  • Include yourself, in person, in the picture. It's all about you.
  • Leave others out of it. Trying to use your mind to influence other individuals is one of the fastest ways to give yourself a huge headache.
  • Make it believable to yourself.

The biggest problem with affirmations...

That last one - making it believable to yourself - is the "biggie". That's the sure thing that will bring you crashing back down to where you started from - somewhat bruised by the experience.

Especially as most proponents of affirmations urge you to think big, way beyond your comfort zone, way beyond what you currently believe is possible.

Now, having huge goals is great. But blind affirmations are not the right tool for reaching them. Remember, affirmations are for bouncing up and down, for feeling good in the moment. That's a start, but affirmations alone are not the tool for leaping across immense chasms that scare you shitless.

...and the big problem with that problem

The big problem is not the beliefs that we think we hold, the ones that we consciously subscribe to. They are quite easy to fix. They are open to logic and reasoning. Affirmations will help take care of them quite nicely.

The big problem is the beliefs embedded in our deeper, inner mind. They got locked in there at such an early age, we no longer recall how they got there. And we have forgotten what they even are. Affirmations will not touch them.

Coming next...

There are ways to deal with these buried beliefs. Ways that, surprisingly, are easier than affirmations. That's what we will take a look at in the next step of this series: Beliefs.

But before that, there will be a short post introducing a new concept that will turbo-charge your affirmations.

Until then, my friend here has a tip to share with you...

Yay! Forget about turbo-charged trampolines.

If you want to get somewhere, you can't beat swinging from tree to tree. Never fails.

And that's something you can do with your affirmations. No matter how big your ultimate goal, set your affirmation just to arrive at the next "branch" that you feel is realistically within your reach. Then the next one... and the next...

Now, let's see if Steve's new idea can beat that!

Wednesday, 15 April 2015

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