Monday, 21 April 2014

Patience of a Saint... or Just Plain Lazy?

Last time, we saw how being busy, busy, busy can be a form of laziness - if we are using it to avoid working on our lives by being too busy in it.

At the other end of the scale, even when we are totally inactive, we still might be kidding ourselves that we are not being lazy - by thinking that we are being patient.

This is me being patient... Honest!

The thing is, real patience involves action.

Patience can be defined as waiting for something to happen. But if we are doing nothing to make it happen, then it just ain't ever going to happen. And that's laziness. The give away is usually an often repeated phrase beginning, "If only..." or "When..." Such as, "When I win the lottery..."

Laziness is mere dreaming. True patience is taking action to make dreams come true.

The truly patient person keeps plodding on, a step at a time, and accepts "failures" as essential stopovers on the journey to success. Opportunities to change to a better course, rather than excuses to turn back or stop.

That's how planes get flown across oceans and continents and arrive where they are supposed to: by constantly checking for and correcting every little "failure" to stay on course.

During May, I'll be sharing some practical tips, simple ways to stay on course in our lives and achieve amazing things. But next week, we will take a look at one more form of laziness that holds us back.


Steve... who you kidding? Not even chimps laze around like that!

Monday, 14 April 2014

Really Busy... or Just Plain Lazy?

At first glance, the title of this post seems to be a clear choice: either one or the other. But a Tibetan Lama once pointed out to me that in the West, what is often admired as being terribly busy is actually a supreme form of laziness.

Now how can the two be lumped together like that? Being busy is getting on with getting things done. Being lazy is avoiding doing something that needs to be done. Surely, the two are opposites?

Well, it depends. There is also a deeper and more subtle distinction. Are you always busy like this...

Or do you sometimes get busy like this...

The first picture is not always as chaotic as the one shown above. It could equally be a picture of a glamorous life style, apparently living life to the full, revelling in living in the fast lane... but constantly busy, not a moment to spare.

Either way, the idea is that we are too busy if we leave no time at all to bring the second picture into our lives, and regularly take stock of where we are actually heading on our busy, busy, busy paths.

The second picture is also not always what it seems. Beneath that peaceful surface we come face to face with scary questions.

  • What is our life really all about? 
  • Are we living true to our values,
    or are we compromising them? 
  • Are we striving to create our best,
    or just settling for what seems easy? 

Keeping busy to distract ourselves from such questions - that's the supreme laziness that my Tibetan friend was talking about. It's avoiding getting something done - laziness. It's avoiding facing up to the more important things in living a life.

But life is far too demanding. We have no choice. We cannot possibly waste any time living in the second picture... More laziness.

The thing is, when we give up just a little of that laziness, and get busy as in the second picture, it's as if the colours - the qualities - from that picture bleed into the first picture. With regular practice, living in the second picture can become the core from which we live in the first picture, Then life in the first picture becomes more peaceful and even more productive - even though we take more time out to live in the second picture.

And it need not be sitting cross-legged in meditation. It can be as simple as a weekend walk in the country, leaving behind our phones and gadgets and tuning in to Nature. Start with something small and build gradually.

What Steve means is that if you sit down with your banana each day and take the time to really savour every single bite... then you can figure out how not to keep slipping on banana skins in the rest of your life.

Just hand me your banana, and I'll be glad to show you how it's done. (Hee! Hee!)

Tuesday, 8 April 2014


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